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Earning from home – If the land is lying vacant, then by installing a mobile tower, earn up to 50 thousand months, apply like this

How to install a mobile tower on your land, work, company list, rules, contact number

Many times it happens that we have property but it cannot be of any use to us. Neither can it be cultivated nor a house can be built on it. Also, there is no income from that land. So in such a situation, people think that what they should do so that their vacant land becomes useful for them. So the right option for that is to install towers for mobile companies there. Yes, you can contact various mobile companies and collect their rent from the company by putting their tower on your land. You can see the process of applying for a mobile tower by contacting mobile companies in this article.

Requirements for installation of mobile tower

To install mobile company towers on your vacant land, you will need some things such as –

  • Space Requirement: – You should have better, bigger, and vacant land to install a mobile tower. You can apply for the installation of a mobile tower only if you have 500 square feet for the roof of your house, 2000 square feet for a plot, and 2500 square feet on the village land. This land should be in such a place that is suitable for the mobile tower. For this, keep in mind that the mobile tower should be in a place where there is not a lot of population. Even no mobile tower is installed within a radius of at least 100 meters from the hospital. And even if the people around are having trouble with it, even then this tower cannot be installed.
  • Application: – To install a mobile tower, you have to be registered under the mobile company, you can apply for this. Remember that no company offers to install a mobile tower by calling you from the front. If you get any such call, then understand that it is completely fake.
  • Agreement:- The mobile company whose tower you apply for, that company checks everything before entering into an agreement with you. And some people of the company also come and take the details of the land, when they feel that everything is right and the place is suitable for mobile tower, then they make an agreement with you. And then its money is given to them.

mobile tower installation companies (Company List)

It is not necessary that all mobile companies install their own towers. Rather some companies take orders to install towers. In which there are mainly companies like India’s Industrie, Bharti Infratel, AT ATC India, etc. While other companies that install towers have

  • Airtel,
  • American Tower Cooperative India Limited,
  • Bsnl telecom tower infrastructure,
  • Essar Telecom,
  • GTL Infrastructure,
  • HFCL Connect Infrastructure – Infotel Group,
  • Idea Telecom Infra Limited,
  • Reliance Infratel,
  • Vodafone etc. is included. They are also called mobile tower installation agencies.

Documents to be taken during application for installation of mobile tower

When you apply for setting up a mobile tower on your land, you will need the following documents.

  • A Structural Safety Certificate will be required to prove the strength of your building.
  • No Objection Certificate ie NOC has to be obtained from the owner of the land or building.
  • NOC has to be obtained from the Municipality.
  • After this, when you apply, then there will be an agreement between the company and you. Whose paper you may also need ahead.

How to apply online to install mobile towers

Here we are giving information about the process of applying online by contacting 3 mobile tower installation companies in India. You can also take the help of a helpline number, email id, online website, etc. to contact them. You will get all this information by visiting the official website of the company. As –

  1. Application for a mobile tower of Industrie company –
  2. First of all click on the link to its website.
  3. After this, a link to ‘Register Your Property’ will appear on the lower left side of it. Click on it.
  4. Now the next page will open in front of you where you have to select your PIN code, type of property, type of ownership, and category of property and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  5. When this information of yours is submitted, it will reach the concerned officer of the company.
  6. After this, if your property is suitable for setting up the company’s tower, that is, the frequency of the company’s network is correct, then the company will contact you. And after contacting you, they themselves will put their tower on your property, and in return, they will also give you money.
  7. Application for a mobile tower of Bharti Infratel company –

To contact this company, you have to click on this official link. Here you will see a button for registering on the top right. Clicking there will open the registration form. And you will ‘submit’ by filling in all the information asked, then your application for this company will be done. Keep in mind that fill all the information correctly and also give correct information about your property.

To apply for this company, click on the link on the official website. In this, you can visit and register your own land similar to the application process of other companies given above. After doing a thorough investigation, the mobile company will put up a tower on your land and pay you its rent.

How much will be earned by installing a mobile tower?
By installing a mobile tower, you will get the biggest advantage that you will start earning income from your vacant land, and it will also be used. The network will also be found right on mobile. With this, you can earn at least 25 to 50 rupees per month. However, your earnings will depend on which company’s tower you are installing because all the companies give different charges for setting up their tower.

So by contacting the companies that install mobile towers in this way, you can earn better from your vacant land. Let us tell you that the companies installing mobile towers also benefit from this, because when other mobile companies place orders for them to install their towers, in return the companies who install the towers also charge them.



Q: How to apply for the installation of the mobile tower?
Ans: To install a mobile tower, you can contact the mobile tower installation companies. After contacting the application process will be done. And then after giving all the information, your application will be done in it.

Q: How to contact the mobile tower company?
Ans: To contact the company that installed the mobile tower, you have to go to the official website of the company, from here you will get all the contact information.

Q: Can I apply for the installation of the mobile tower on the roof of my house?
Ans: Yes, if the area of ​​the roof of your house is 500 square feet, then you can contact the mobile tower installation companies.

Q: Is the mobile tower harmful?
Ans: It would not be wrong to say, that the RF waves emanating from the cell phone tower can be harmful to your health.

Q: How to get NOC for the installation of a mobile tower?
Ans: You can contact the Civil Aviation Authority to get NOC for the installation of a mobile tower.



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