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Success story of a farmer cultivating a special variety of guava

Now gradually the number of farmers doing traditional farming in the country is increasing. Some fruits and vegetables are such that even after keeping them in the mandis for a long time, the farmers are not able to get good prices. But despite all this, the farmers of the country do some work with their hard work and dedication, which not only illuminates their name but also the name of the country. One such farmer who has become very famous for cultivating guava sells guava for Rs 100 by cultivating guava in his field. Let us know the story of the farmer whose name is Sunil Kandela and his success in cultivating guava.

Who is Sunil Kandela

Sunil Kandela is one such progressive farmer who has achieved a successful position today by changing his farming methods. A farmer who does the work of growing different types of guava, which you cannot call mango guava and you will not get this guava easily in the market. You will be surprised to know that Sunil Kandela grows such guavas which are very heavy in weight. Only one guava can be eaten by two or three people together. When Sunil Kandela was talked about, talking in detail about his farming, he told that two years ago he thought of planting a guava orchard on his 3-acre farm. Out of that three acres, in 1 acre of land, he cultivated Thailand’s finest variety of guava.

Sunil Kandela success story

Sunil Kandela narrating his success story said that he worked hard to grow the best crop of guava every year in the garden and then went on to grow guava in large numbers in his garden. Sunil told that he neither took the help of any kind of marketing to sell his guavas nor did he see the way to the market to sell his guavas. It is very surprising that people themselves visit his farm to buy the guavas grown by him. Even people not only from his village but also from nearby village districts and other states also go to his fields to buy guava.

cultivation of guava

Sunil, while explaining his farming in detail, said that he loves his guava crop very much, so he has completely covered the fruits of the plants in his field with triple protection. He has covered the fruits grown inside his cultivation in triple production form so that they can be completely protected from heat, cold, dust, and diseases. Due to this technique, the size of his guava has increased to a great extent in today’s time, which everyone is surprised to see. Sharing his experience, he told that he has not used any kind of spray in his plants, nor does he use chemical fertilizers or any other chemical.

On his farm, only the manure prepared by natural means is used by decomposing the grass and leaves of the plants. The most surprising thing is that along with his guava cultivation, he has also raised three cows, and using the dung and urine of the same cows, he prepares manure and uses the same manure to nourish his farming. work of.

guava weight

You will be surprised to hear the weight of guava grown by this technique of Sunil. Each guava grown in Sunil’s fields weighs at least 800 grams to 1 kg.

buy guava

Sunil is completely dependent on natural things, so his cultivation is also very good, due to which his guavas are different and very tasty. The biggest thing is that Sunil does not have to go anywhere to sell his guavas because people themselves reach his fields to buy those guavas.

organic manure used in guava cultivation

Sunil prepares a variety of organic manure in his guava orchards by mixing natural manure and decomposer in urine. The cost of this ready-made manure is very low and due to the use of this manure, no pesticides are used in agriculture. Due to this fertilizer, the team of the Agriculture Department from Panipat had also reached his fields to investigate how much Sunil’s guava and his orchard are beneficial. When he saw and tasted the quality of guava, he was really surprised. The Agriculture Department team said that they have never really seen or eaten such guavas before.

Seeing Sunil’s devotion to farming so much, people should take inspiration from him so that he can try to improve his farming techniques naturally. If we use things made from nature more and properly, then our country can really go far ahead in the matter of agriculture.



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