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how to save electricity essay on save electricity

how to save electricity

how to save electricity essay on save electricity

This is such a big question that always comes to mind at the end of the month when there is a small electricity bill in hand. Reducing the electricity bill is not only our need but the need of the whole world because the energy in any form is misused. are not correct. Yes, if we are using natural energy like wind or solar energy then there is no concern. But we should not misuse electricity, petrol, gas and other such fuels which we get very hard and spend money on.

Some tips have been written to reduce the electricity bill. By adopting these, you can reduce your electricity cost.

In today’s time, the budget gets shaken when the electricity bill and telephone bill comes more than expected. It feels very bad when half of the salary gets exhausted in paying these bills. It is in the hands of the consumer to reduce the electricity bill to a great extent. There is a need to wake up in time because once the bill is paid, we forget, and then at the end of the month, it comes to our mind that we had planned to reduce the electricity bill.

That’s why always remember the line of a couplet “call, do it today and do it today, so do it now.” Pal Mein parlay ho bahuri Kare kab” So from today take your step towards reducing the electricity bill. Here are many such ways by which you can reduce your electricity bill.

how to save electricity

The answers to many such questions are found on the Internet. Reducing the electricity bill is also a necessity and it is also the duty of all of us to stop the misuse of energy.

Get all electrical equipment checked:

Get all electrical appliances in your home checked. Sometimes these devices consume more electricity than necessary. If you catch it in time, then get that equipment repaired or buy new ones as this one-time cost can save you from paying monthly electricity bills.

Replace old equipment:

Generally, we proudly say that our fridge, washing machine, or TV is 20 to 25 years old and to date, nothing has happened to him. But you are under the illusion that very old electrical appliances start consuming more electricity. Due to which your electricity bill can be more than double, so be sure to get the old electrical equipment checked and if possible replace them. This is a big reason for the high electricity bill coming.

Proper use of air condition:

Air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity. The electricity bill is very high on summer days due to air-conditioning and cooler. For this, try to keep the temperature of the room you want to lower. Do not let much sunlight come there. Use thick and dark-colored curtains for this. And don’t keep the lights on more than necessary. This raises the temperature of the room and it takes more of the air conditioner to lower it. If you are able to reduce the temperature before your measure, then the air conditioner will consume less electricity. Which will reduce the electricity bill.

Use LED bulb:

Use LEDs instead of normal bulbs in homes, although they are a bit expensive they are helpful in reducing your electricity bill every month, which is a huge saving. Generally, this LED bulb is also bad. That’s why first of all change the bulbs of your house.

Remember to turn off the switch:

These days a person does not get the time to eat. For that, it is very important to charge devices like mobiles and laptops, but due to busyness and carelessness, mobiles and laptops are charged, but they often forget or avoid turning off the switchboard. Even though they are less, keeping this in mind, you can reduce the electricity bill.

Make sure to turn off the TV switch:

Due to the remote being on the TV, we turn it off with the remote itself and sometimes even leave the set-top box on for the whole day. Also, the switch TV is sometimes not turned off for several days. This is a very bad thing. Saving electricity is also the duty of all of us and it saves your money, so do not be careless like this. Turn off both the TV and the set-top box.

Use geyser properly:

In winter or whenever we need hot water, we use a geyser, geyser consumes a lot of electricity and we always leave the geyser on or go to get water after turning it on, all these are very bad habits. | Turn on the geyser five to ten minutes before taking a bath. You will get enough hot water. There is no need to keep the geyser on for hours. If it is the case that you are not getting hot water, then get your geyser checked or replaced as a failure of the geyser can increase the electricity bill by 3 to 5 times.

Use Microwave Carefully:

Do not cook small things in the microwave like heating water or boiling potatoes. Make only those things in the microwave that are good in them because microwaves consume a lot of electricity. Make sure to switch it off too and take care while keeping it on preheat, only if necessary, or else avoid preheat.

Use less tube light and bulb:

Pay attention to wasteful expenditure. Use low volt light. Just keep the light in the room you are in, but keep enough light on while reading and watching TV so that you can do your work without any problem.

Use the press wisely too:

If you press clothes at home, take some care. Do not use the unnecessary press. This will reduce your bill.

Take care of the refrigerator

The fridge is in everyone’s house and is used in all seasons. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind that it is very important to clean the fridge from time to time. And very little attention is given that due to the frozen ice in the fridge, the fridge eats more electricity and the electricity bill comes more.

Use solar equipment:

The energy of the sun is the only energy that is easily and freely available and is available in abundance, so use its equipment, which will save energy and reduce the electricity bill.

Remove old fans:

Old fans also consume more electricity, if there is scope in them, then fix them by adding grease, otherwise, after many years, the old fans should also be replaced. When the fan makes a rotating sound and after a long time after turning on its switch, it starts rotating, then understands that it needs servicing and takes proper care of it and if possible replaces it, it also reduces the power consumption.

There can be many other ways by which electricity bills can be reduced. Save electricity, make a country, this slogan was given by Prime Minister Modi some time back. We all have the right to the energy of the country, but we should also stop its wasteful expenditure. Often we go out of the house without turning off the fans and light switches, even when there is enough light during the day, we turn on the lights and we never turn off the electrical appliances in the classroom or office because there We don’t have to pay the bills.

There is a story related to this when I was in the first year of engineering. At that time I was taught basic electricals by a faculty. He used to be very proud of the whole college. He often used to examine the students and used to give many types of punishment. Once he came to our class at the time of recess. There was no one in the class at that time. He saw ten fans in the classroom running at full speed. Which none of us were aware of. When we came to the classroom one by one. We have been made to stand on the bench and everyone was asked, do you know why you have been punished? But none of us had the answer. On that day and one day after that, our whole class got punished. But we didn’t know the reason. He then told us that we had left all fans on. We are all going to become engineers, so we should take care of it and stop the misuse of energy. At the same time, others should also be motivated to do this.

Now whenever I see the light, fan on for any reason without any reason, I turn it off first. Even though I do not have to pay his bill, it is my duty to save the energy of the country.

To save electricity, parents should also teach children so that they understand and all these things come in their habit.

Today you have come to know from this blog how to save electricity and from the story, you must have understood its importance that saving electricity does not mean being miserly, if we keep using fuel at this speed, then soon we will all lose. With the speed with which we are developing, we have left the ground and started flying in the sky, which is taking us towards destruction.

Share this blog and inspire your friends and relatives by saving electricity. This is our duty. We all just talk about right and leave duty.

For your ease and everyone can understand quickly, therefore we write all the things in Hindi so that we can connect with you easily, this blog has also been written to explain to you the importance of electricity and other energy.

How do you like this blog? If you know anything else that we have not written, then write us in the comment box. We will place the tips given by you in our blog and will be grateful that you have helped us and other readers.



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