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How to Start Cow Dung Business

Cow Dung Business Ideas, Products

How to Start Cow Dung Business

Ever since the Government of Chhattisgarh started the Gordhan Nyay scheme to procure cow dung from farmers to increase their income, the demand for cow dung has increased a lot in the Indian market. Which people used to throw as garbage or leave like this, now they are starting to earn money by trading it. Rather, people have started their own businesses by finding new and profitable business ideas so that they can get a lot of profit. Here we are giving some ideas of how you can start a business by making products from cow dung, start your business by reading it till the end.

New profitable business ideas to start with cow dung

Start your own business by making different types of products from cow dung, some ideas for this are as follows –

cow dung pot business

The way soil and cement pots and flower pots are made, in which people fill soil and manure and plant plants in it, and decorate the garden of their home. Let us tell you that these pots can be made in the same way as cow dung i.e. cow dung. The special thing about pots made of cow dung is that if you plant plants by filling soil in them, then it does not harm your plants. Rather, it makes the growth of plants faster. And old people are very fond of decorating their house, so their demand is increasing in the market. If you have a cow or its dung, then it will be very beneficial for you to do business by making this product.

dung cake business

Kandas made from cow dung are often used to light a fire during worship. Especially when Havan is done. It is used in Havan to keep the fire burning for a long time because once it is burnt, it keeps burning easily for at least 3 to 4 hours. If you do business by making balls out of cow dung and drying it, it can also make you good earnings.

Business of incense sticks made from cow dung

The number of mosquitoes in India has become very high. They thrive especially in dirt and spread diseases such as dengue. To get rid of it, people often use incense sticks to kill mosquitoes. Which are made from such things which harm mosquitoes. Cow dung incense sticks are very famous to kill mosquitoes, most people burn them to drive away mosquitoes. Because of the smell of its burning, mosquitoes and insects either die or run away. If you start the business of making incense sticks from cow dung, then you will get a lot of benefits by doing this.

cow dung rakhi business

This time on the festival of Rakshabandhan, the name of Rakhi made of cow dung is being heard a lot in the market. It is also giving because recently there is a lot of boycotts of Chinese goods in different parts of the country. In such a situation, Chinese rakhis coming from China are not being sold in the market at all. And people are demanding more for Swadeshi Rakhi. In such a situation, rakhis are being made from cow dung, and this year people are making a profit by doing dung rakhi business. You too can earn a lot of profit by doing this business. Because one, the cost in this is also very less, and secondly, it is a very demanding product these days, due to which you will get more profit.

dung wood business

Wood is also made from cow dung, which is used to light the fire in the havan during worship. Apart from this, it is also used in funerals and other works. The dung wood keeps burning for a long time, so it is used for burning fire. It also comes with a machine to make it. In which different types of dyes are attached, and they give it the shape of the wood. After drying it, you can sell it on the market. Which is in high demand. Thousands can be earned by doing this business.

In this way, the garbage becomes the best means of earning for you. You can get more profit by starting the business of the above products with very little investment.



Q: What can be made from cow dung?
Ans: Pots, sticks, incense sticks, rakhis, candles, etc.

Q: How much cost will be required for the product made from cow dung?
Ans: It also depends on the product which product is being made.

Q: How much profit is there in the business of products made from cow dung?
Ans: Due to the high demand these days, thousands of rupees can be earned from cow dung.

Q: Will the products made from cow dung be beneficial?
Ans: Manure is made from cow dung, due to which there is good growth of the plant, and its smell kills insects, hence pots and incense sticks made from it are very beneficial.

Q: How is wood made from cow dung?
Ans: Wood-making machine comes from cow dung, it is made from it.



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