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ms marvel cast character and episode 2 release date

ms marvel

Ms. Marvel is an American television miniseries, directed by Bisha K. Ali, based on Marvel Comics, starring Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel. It is the seventh television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) produced by Marvel Studios, sharing continuity with the films in the franchise. Ali serves as the lead writer with Adil and Bilal (Adil El Arabi and Bilal Falah) leading the directing team.

The series featuring Ali was announced in August 2019. Vellani was appointed as the director of the series in September 2020 along with El Arabi and Falah, Mira Menon and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Recording started toward the beginning of November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia and New Jersey, prior to finishing off with Thailand in May 2021 are |

ms marvel

where to watch ms. marvel

You can watch ms.marvel on Disney Plus.

Important Cast and Characters

  1. Iman Vellani play Kamala Khan / Ms Marvel
  2. Matt Lintz play Bruno Carrelli
  3. Yasameen Fletcher Play  Nakia Bhadir
  4. Rishi Shah Play  Kamran
  5. Laurel Marsden play Zoe Zimmer
  6. Sagar Shaikh Play  Aamir Khan
  7. Travina Springer play Tyesha Hillman
  8. Zenobi Shroff Play Muniba Khan
  9. Mohan Kapoor play Yusuf Khan
  10. Aramis Knight play Kareem / Red Dagger
  11. Laith Nuqli Play Sheikh Abdullah
  12. Nimra Bucha Play Nazma
  13. Arian Moayed play  P. Cleary

S1 · Episodes and release date

S1 · Episode 1

Episode 1 of Miss Marvel released on 8th June gives our first introduction to Kamala through her hobbies. A creative and artistic production on YouTube about the adventures of Captain Marvel – including the adventures of Avengers Endgame.

Though it doesn’t have many viewers, the work gives Kamala the confidence and optimism to fulfill her dream. Other members of his traditional household are his brother Amir, who is soon to be married, and his parents Muniba and Yusuf. He is very close to his best friend Bruno, who is a computer geek (read: genius).

The central conflict of the first episode builds up with Kamala’s strong desire to visit Comic Con and the equally stubborn resistance of her parents. This is where Marvel’s “cultural infiltration” comes into the picture. She wants to participate in a cosplay contest about the best dressed Captain Marvel contestant.

Concerned about what kind of clothes Kamala will have to wear, Muniba gives her a green and purple salwar suit (a traditional South Asian dress for women). She and Yusuf frantically try to persuade her to go for the Hulk duet.

It takes no talent to figure out that Kamala will be unpopular in her high school. The really strange representation of students and buildings doesn’t provide any further insight.

Bruno builds an AI device for Kamala’s parents. Kamala and he plan to use the device as a distraction to get out of the house.

The plan succeeds – barely – because they attend the conference. Kamala sees Jenny, a fellow student at her school, but is not very happy to see him there because of their cold relationship. She changes into the dress and feels a sudden surge of energy as soon as she puts on the bracelet. It amazes him. She goes on stage when she arrives late for her performance.

When it comes time for her to show off the costume, she inadvertently activates the bracelet’s “magical” powers. She is unable to control it and destroys many of the prop decorations like the Iron-Man helmet and Thor’s hammer. These huge pieces send the audience into a chaotic state.

Jenny is nearly crushed with a hammer but is saved due to Kamala’s quick action. She escapes from the convention and reaches home, where Muniba advises her to lie to Joseph and him. Kamala seems more concerned about the bracelet, and is anticipating a lot of things to come.

S1 · Episodes 2 

The second episode of ms marvel will be released on June 15, 2022.

S1 · Episodes 3 

The second episode of ms marvel will be released on June 22, 2022.

S1 · Episodes 4 

The second episode of ms marvel will be released on June 29, 2022.

S1 · Episodes 5 

The second episode of ms marvel will be released on July 6, 2022.

S1 · Episodes 6 

The second episode of ms marvel will be released on July 13, 2022.

ms marvel episod 1 review

Hmm. While I really appreciate Marvel’s fresh experimentation in its new “phase” of the MCU, there’s an inherent risk involved. The speculative hit or miss conversation runs on a tightrope in ‘Ms.’. miracle’. For me, it doesn’t work.

The visual tone, from the outset, screams a palate to a person much younger than the average viewer. Animated cartoons and special effects unfold before you without fulfilling the purpose related to the plot. They are part of the aesthetic that the makers have chosen for the show.

It’s a boldly creative choice, and definitely different. But that doesn’t reduce the risk of someone like me not liking it. And I don’t. There may be others who found it more appealing but like I said, you can only know after watching it.

Beyond that, Marvel has done the sensible thing to go with off-camera personnel who know the culture. It certainly could have whitewashed a show centered around a predominantly ethnic community home. But at least not in this episode.

I still found the dialogue dated and without any semblance of modern sensibilities. The writing’s ethos seemed to be trapped in the early 2000s, when such a counter-culture consciousness was gaining popularity.

The same representation of conservatism we saw in the Netflix show, “Never Have I Ever,” is presented here. It has yet to become a “Muslim” superhero story and should not be celebrated unnecessarily just for this fact. Ms. Marvel has a long way to go. This episode was just introductory and does a satisfying job of doing exactly that.

But other than that there is nothing else to celebrate here. Ms. Marvel has promised to make significant cultural inroads by giving voice to Asian culture. We will see if it holds up till the end of the season.



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