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Success Story : This person who returned from abroad started copper ware business in 50,000 and is earning 80 lakh rupees, know his story

After completing their studies, people like to move to big cities to make their careers. Some people also look for job opportunities in foreign countries. But today we are going to share with you the story of a person through this article who had decided to make his career by going abroad, but he returned from there and made copper utensils in India size only 50 thousand rupees. Started the business of and today they have an annual turnover of up to 80 lakh rupees. His name is Adnan Ali Khan. Let us know their success story.

Who is Adnan Ali Khan

Adnan Ali Khan is a resident of Aligarh and earns money by doing the business of making copper utensils. He started this business only last 2 years. He had to spend only 50 thousand rupees to start this business. And in the very beginning, he had received an annual profit of 30 to 35 lakh rupees. And gradually it turned into a turnover of 70 to 80 lakhs. Today they are working in 4 cities with orders worth Rs 18 lakhs.

Story of Adnan Ali khan

Adnan belongs to a middle-class family and grew up in it. He did not lack anything in his upbringing, but still, he saw his family struggling for small things. Because of this, he had decided in the 6th grade itself that he would start his own business. And he was also very interested in it. After Adnan graduated from Aligarh University, a friend living abroad advised him to do an MBA. He was very good at his studies, due to which he had to reduce the fees by almost 40%. He had to spend at least 10 to 12 lakh rupees to study MBA, but due to the waiver of up to 40% of the fees, he completed his studies in only 5 to 6 lakh rupees. In the year 2017, he again moved to the UK. In the initial days, he stayed with some friends. He went there and did an internship. With the money he got, he started making arrangements for living and food for himself. He also worked in the warehouse and Amazon to earn extra.

Business idea

After completing his studies, he had a desire to do business since childhood. In the UK, he used to visit several hotels and restaurants with his friends. On the vehicle, he saw how the management is done there and how attractive the utensils in which food is served there. Seeing the utensils present on the vehicle, he did research on it. And they came to know that the main material of the utensils being used there i.e. copper and brass comes from India only. Especially craft utensils. It was only after this that the idea came to his mind that he should start his own business. He was also getting a job during his studies but he left the job and came back home. And started working hard and struggling to make a career in this business.

Business research

Before starting his business, he did all kinds of research about it. For this, he had to struggle a lot. He talked about doing this business with his family members. Due to lack of capital, doing this business seemed risky. But he still wanted to take this risk. There is an increased business of copper and brass in Moradabad. Adnan went to the vehicle and went there and talked to the people doing this business. Going there, he came to know that the city which is so famous for copper and brass utensils, has now come to a standstill. After that, he tried his best to understand it. Adnan noticed that people there mostly carve utensils with machines. But it is not completely pure. He learned every single thing about this business and then demanded 50 thousand rupees from his father to start this business.

Business orders

Adnan first went to Moradabad and collected photos of utensils by making videos. Then again a catalog was built through it. And then started manufacturing utensils. He decided to start it with big hotels. They talked to him about the quality of his utensils. Gradually, he went to about 50 hotels in 10 cities and gave samples of his utensils, and then he got an order of 50 thousand. The fee kept increasing gradually. He manufactured his utensils with utmost honesty and supplied them, after which he started getting orders. Adnan named his made utensils Country Craft and started his own company. He worked hard to do this business. It was also widely publicized. For this, he sometimes had to stay outside the house, sometimes he slept at the bus stand, and sometimes in the station.

Stepped into the international market

Adnan also extended his business to the international market. Because utensils made from Moradabad were supplied far and wide. He adopted the online method to increase his business in the international market. Adnan developed a website. After this started taking orders from other countries along with Sri Lanka. After this, his work started in 4-5 countries.

Adnan had 20 employees in his business. He was very scared about his business in the lockdown due to the Corona period. But he didn’t give up. He also did not fire his employees and gave them all the facilities.

Country Craft Company

Adnan’s Country Craft Company is supplying tableware products to 3, and 5-star hotels and restaurants. Moradabad employs small artisans to make tableware. And further supplies those products. Due to this, small businessmen there will get better employment opportunities.

Moradabad is its big center

In modern times, people make hand-made utensils by machine, and as time goes on, the use of machines will increase even more. Moradabad is very famous for the export of large handmade copper and brass utensils. It has become a major center of pottery.

In this way, leaving a job abroad, this person named Adnan started a business in India with a size of 50 thousand and is now earning millions. By reading their success story, you can also think about starting your own business.



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