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Success story of a person from UP who made wood making machine from cow dung

Friends, do you know that any person is successful when he does his work with complete honesty, hard work, and dedication.

But sometimes due to some financial constraints and other problems, he is not able to succeed.

Today in this article we are telling you about a person from UP, who had no money, yet he made his future better by watching videos only on YouTube.

The name of such a person is Sukhdev Singh. He narrated the story of the success and achievement of his life, which we are conveying to you through this article.

Who is Sukhdev Singh

Sukhdev Singh is a 67-year-old businessman living in Mawana, Uttar Pradesh who believes that no machine or equipment is necessary that only an engineer can make. Anyone can make it with a little research and hard work.

And if thousands of people can benefit from this, then that person must make it. Sukhdev Singh is particularly interested in special techniques based on agriculture.

The success story of Sukhdev Singh Ji

Sukhdev Singh Ji, a resident of UP, lives in a small village, he wanted to earn a lot of money, but due to his financial condition was not good, he was unable to start any business. For this reason, he did not even get higher education.

He wanted to become an engineer by profession, but due to a lack of better education and capital, he could not do so.

But he made his thinking that it is not necessary that any machine or equipment can be manufactured only by becoming an engineer.

Rather, any person can do it with his hard work, dedication, and his innovative ideas. And he started researching making machines and tools through his own agro-based technology and the Internet.

Sukhdev Singh Ji saw a video on YouTube in which he saw that cow dung, which people consider to be garbage, can also make such wood.

which are of various uses. And it can also benefit our environment a lot. So just Sukhdev Singh Ji took inspiration from it, and he started doing more research on it.

While doing research, he built a unique machine to make wood from cow dung. Although he did not install a gearbox in the initially made model, he did some modifications when he got it tested.

And then he added a 5 HP electric motor as well as a gearbox. After that, a machine to make wood from their dung was successfully made. His team also supported him in this work.

Through this machine, Sukhdev Singh Ji made wood from cow dung and then started its business. Today he also has his own factory near Meerut, in this factory he does construction work related to agricultural equipment.

He is so much interested in agricultural technology, that he often keeps getting information about the various types of discoveries that take place in it. In this way, Sukhdev Singh Ji, who had such thinking, achieved success.

How to make dung wood in the machine

Sukhdev Singh Ji, while narrating his success story in a media report, also told the process of making wood from cow dung which is as follows –

  • Sukhdev Singh Ji told that first the cow dung is dried for some time by keeping it in the sun so that whatever moisture is there in it, it ends. And the cow dung should be like soil.
  • After this, it is inserted into the inlet to give it the shape of wood, although it can be of any size as per the requirement. But Sukhdev Ji has built the inlet, which he has made around and cylinder-like shape.
  • It also has a screw mechanism by which the raw material ie cow dung is molded into the given mold. And after this, the wood made from cow dung is removed from the machine.
  • After taking it out, it is dried in the sun for some time so that its smell is completely gone, and whatever moisture is in it, it also ends.
  • When it dries well, it also becomes firm. Through this machine, about 3 feet of cow dung wood can be made and that too within just 1 minute.

use of dung wood

Sukhdev Singh Ji says that wood made from cow dung is an eco-friendly innovation, which is used in many things.

Like to kindle fire on different occasions. People living in cities like to use it less, but people living in rural areas use it more often to light a fire.

By the way, let us tell you that it is better to use it because it is made of cow dung, so it is hollow from the inside. Due to this, it catches fire quickly.

And it doesn’t take much effort to light a fire. Oxygen passes well due to early fire, due to which there is not much smoke from it.

cow dung wood making machine price

The price of this machine is 80 thousand rupees which include GST. If a person wants to start the business of making wood from cow dung, then they will have to buy this machine by investing one time.

After this, they do not have to pay anything going forward, they will continue to have only income.

Profit and profit from dung wood business

Wood made from cow dung mainly benefits the environment because people do not often use the waste of cow dung.

But with this technique arrangements are made for the waste of cow dung and the wood made from it is also arranged.

Cow dung is easily available, so you can get double profits by setting up a dung wood-making machine and also doing the business of selling cow dung wood in bulk.

You can earn up to 80 thousand rupees per month from this business.

Therefore, the way the dairy farm business is done with cow’s milk and people get a lot of profit from it, in the same way, the waste from the cow can also become useful with the help of this machine.

While telling about this, Sukhdev Singh Ji of UP told the story of his complete success, which is inspiring thousands of people.

And making a profit by starting a similar business of his own. If you are also inspired by this story, then this can prove to be a very good opportunity for you to earn money.



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