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Success Story of Pulse Candy Manufacturing Company

Success Story of Pulse Candy Manufacturing Company

In childhood, most people like to eat candy, and today we have brought a case study in this article about the success story of a popular candy, Pulse Candy. We sincerely hope that you too have heard and eaten about Pulse Candy before. But do you know how this company grew so well and how the company selling one rupee candy has become the owner of crores of rupees today? This article is going to be very important and interesting because we will provide you with information about the favorite candy of children. So let us know about the success story of this company.

what is pulse candy

Pulse Candy is a toffee, which is being made by a well-known candy maker company in India. This candy is being sold in every state of the country. This is the favorite candy of kids. Its market price is only ₹ 1. The taste of this candy is slightly sweet, slightly sour, and slightly spicy. Simply put, it is a candy made from raw mangoes. Its upper cover is green. Rock salt is used for flavor inside it. This candy is good in taste as compared to other candies and also has good quality.

Pulse Candy Company

The name of India’s very famous company making pulse candy is DS Group, whose founder is Satyapal ji. The history of this company is not very long but in a short time, this company has made its identity all over India. This company has done business of up to 100 crores in just 8 months. And at present, a third of the market share of this company is from this candy. Of course, there are very few companies that can grow well in such a short period of time. This company has kept its quality and taste very good, so today everyone, whether kids or adults, loves to eat pulse candy. Now, this candy maker is manufacturing various flavored candies and is continuously expanding its business. So, in a very short span of time, this company has beaten other candy makers today. Due to its low price, it can be bought by all classes of people, as a result, it has become the favorite candy among kids!

Pulse Candy Maker Success Story

Company History

As we have mentioned that the name of the company that makes Pulse Candy is DS Group. This company was started in 1929. DS Group is very well known for manufacturing Mango Flavored Candies. His company manufactures a variety of candy which is famous all over India. DS Group did the first Pulse Candy Trail in the state of Gujarat in February 2015. They liked this candy very much.

Seeing its demand, the company thought that it would sell it all over India, and by taking this decision, they started selling their candy all over India. The history of the company in this way is not very long. In just 5 to 6 years, the company captured a third of the candy market and became a significant and delicious candy maker for children.

Company Establishment

The owners of DS Company were earlier general category Vakti. DS Group didn’t have much money, DS Group was established in 1929 at Chandni Chowk New Delhi. Its founder is Lala Dharmapal Ji, later his son himself decided to run this company and named this company DS Group. Dharmapala’s son’s name is Satyapal. This is how this company is functioning.

The main objective of the company

The company has always taken care that its taste and quality are not compromised in any way. The company has always been telling its employees that our business depends only on our quality and taste. We will not mix it in any way.

Making Pulse Candy

In 2015, DS Company began its trials in Gujarat by making a candy called Pulse. Most people started liking this candy, some people used to buy its entire box and used to eat it with great fervor. Seeing this, the company started marketing it all over India, there came sometime when fake companies started making their duplicate candies, but in terms of taste, It was behind the original candy and thus had its own in Pulse Candy. maintained supremacy.

Where did you get the Pulse Candy idea?

After a lot of research, DS Company found out that about 50% of Indians like the taste of raw mango more. They like to eat a little sour food. That company took advantage of this and added flavorings to its Pulse candy that would make the candy a little sour and sweet. Anyone who is a child or an adult can eat it. As we all know that raw mango is sour if the company only makes sour candy then people may not like it much.

How Pulse Candy was a success

The biggest secret to Pulse Candy’s success is its quality and taste. This candy has not used any kind of adulterated ingredients to maintain its quality. Along with this, this candy got to know the taste of the people of India and explained to the children what kind of candy they liked. When they felt that way, most of the people of India prefer to eat raw mangoes. On the basis of this, this candy added the taste of raw mango to its taste and also added some sweet paan to it, due to which this candy became successful in no time.

Pulse Candy Wrapper Color

Why was it kept green and black as you know that raw mango is always green? The mango part appears green. This color started attracting people and spread among the people faster than other companies’ candy. Green and black colors directly affect people’s mind, because green color meets nature and black color create a special scene. These two colors together make up the wrapper of Pulse Candy. In this, black and green are divided in half and the name of the pulse is written in the middle of both, white color has also been used in some parts and orange color has also been used on it. The name Pulse is written in white and orange colors.

pulse candy promotion

If something is good, then its publicity is done automatically. For this, there is no need to run any kind of promotion or any kind of advertisement. Initially, the company ran advertisements but later reduced them. When people used to eat pulse candy, its taste was so good that people themselves started promoting it like a friend or any other relative to hear the praise of the taste of this candy. And thus the promotion of candy began.

The tagline of Pulse Candy

The company makes many types of taglines for the promotion of its product, which makes it easy to promote them. Creating a tagline leads to the branding of the company. Through which that company can promote through various TVs, newspapers, radio, etc. through the tagline. Similarly, for Pulse Candy, the company has created a tagline that facilitates the promotion. The tagline of Pulse Candy is ‘Pran Jaye Par Pulse Na Jaye’.

Company’s market identity and name

When DS Company did its first trial in Gujarat, people started liking it very much because it did not contain any harmful substances and people got the taste of raw mango in its taste. If seen, raw mango is not available all the time, but we can say that because of this candy, one can get the taste of raw mango throughout the year, that is why it settled on the tongue of the people.

Increasing demand for pulse candy

Today this candy is found in every state of India because its price is so low that any person can easily buy it. For this, this company made different flavored candy and its demand increased. The company has made this candy very beautiful in the function as well as the taste, which attracts people to it. Its demand is huge because it has a slightly salty and slightly sweet taste along with sourness.

annual turnover of the company

Today, the annual turnover of this company i.e. net worth has been Rs 6600 crores and it is growing at the rate of 12 to 14% per annum. Its net worth in 2015 was 300 crores.

Pulse Candy Manufacturer Contact Number

Pulse candy manufacturing company is located in Noida which you can contact by calling 0120-4032200.

Pulse Candy Manufacturers Share Price

Talking about the share price of this company, this company has a sale of 150 crores internationally.

I hope you will be satisfied with the information given by me. The purpose of this article is to provide detailed information about Pulse Candy so that everyone who eats this wonderful candy can know about it.


Q: What are the flavors of Pulse Candy?
Ans: Pulse Candy is now available in Mango, Guava, Orange, Pineapple, and Lychee flavors.

Q: Is pulse candy harmful to the body?
Ans: If pulse candy is eaten in large quantities, it can harm our body.

Q: Who is the founder of Pulse Candy?
Ans: The founder of Pulse Candy is Satyapal, CEO of DS Group.

Q: What’s inside Pulse Candy?
Ans: Amchur and Rocksalt are present in Pulse candy.




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