Brian Stelter Fights Back: CNN Host Ends Last Episode with Monologue Taking Aim at New Bosses

It was the end of an era on CNN on Sunday,

as Brian Stelter signed off from his last-ever episode of Reliable Sources.

The show had aired on CNN for 30 years, but it was abruptly canceled last week—along with Stelter’s firing from the network.

In his final monologue, Stelter seemed to take aim at the network’s newly appointed bosses—and their aim to make CNN less partisan.

It's not often that someone gets to deliver a scathing rebuke of their boss on live television,

but that's exactly what Brian Stelter did on his last episode of Reliable Sources.

Stelter, who was recently fired from CNN, took aim at the network's new CEO Chris Licht,

accusing him of trying to make CNN less partisan.

 It was a bold move by Stelter and one that is sure to leave a lasting impression on his many fans.

Thanks for all the great work over the years, Brian!