Biden paid tribute to Walter F. Mondale, his former colleague in the Senate who transformed the office of vice president before his death in 2021

President Biden praised former Vice President Walter F. Mondale on Sunday, calling him "one of the great giants in American history" who inspired him and many others to believe in public service

Biden returned to Minneapolis for a memorial service that had been postponed by a year because of the Coronavirus pandemic honoring Mondale

A friend of 50 years and a former Senate colleague who passed away in his sleep in April 2021 at age 93

Every one of us should reflect Fritz's goodness and grace, the way he made people feel, no matter what their background

Mr. Biden, using the nickname of the former vice president

Imagine what our nation could accomplish if we followed Fritz's example of honor

decency, and integrity, literally just a service for the common good. It would be impossible for us not to achieve anything.

Mr. Biden's second memorial service in less than five days, following one last week at Washington

Although Mr. Mondale never wanted his body to lie in state or be remembered at a grand celebration in the nation's capital

He preferred a simple, more characteristically humble memorial in Minnesota

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