Elvis performed as 'God' on July 4 in Memphi

The film's directors and stars attended a screening of an extended look at "Elvis," presented by Warner Bros

An entirely new trailer and sequence from Butler's Elvis at Russwood Park on July 4, 1956.

A crucial moment in his career came when he disobeyed to not touch anything during the concert.

By eliminating the color barrier, the concert also ended racial segregation.

To give birth to Elvis the God, Elvis the man had to be sacrificed.

" Tom Hanks' character, Tom Parker, who served as Elvis Presley's manager, admits in the film.

Luhrmann also stressed that the movie is not a biopic but  a about America in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Elvis soars, finds his kryptonite, and saves the world.

A Warner Bros. release will follow this May's Cannes premiere of "Elvis.


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