He Hit Chris Rock Because it Wasn't 'The Rock'"- Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars Fiasco Summarized in 1 Sentence on Joe Rogan's Podcast.

Will Smith's scandalous trick at the Oscars 2022 still has the web shaken as the discussion and conversations proceed.

From the layman to Hollywood stars, responses keep on pouring in from all regions of the planet.

Among many is UFC variety reporter Joe Rogan, who on his JRE digital broadcast as of late shared his thinking about the episode,

again.Recently, Joe Rogan had the Hawaiian legend, the MMA wonder, and the OG of the battle game BJ Penn on the JRE MMA Show #123.

The two were talking about Jamie Fox playing Mike Tyson;

Penn then referenced how Might Smith played Muhammad Ali before and did remarkable work.Even Joe Rogan concurred with the previous UFC double boss. 

Rogan even said, "You can perceive he did a great deal of boxing. His hands look great.

After hearing Rogan's remark, The Prodigy unobtrusively referenced the Oscars disaster and said, "Right, his hands looked great the other night.

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