Ischemic attacks can be transient or long-term.

Mayo Clinic says a transient ischemic attack is a brief period of stroke-like symptoms.

Most TIAs are temporary and do not cause permanent damage. These are called mini-strokes.

A TIA is caused by an infarction or clot in the brain. Clots usually dissolve themselves or are dislodged.

Doctors think that Bieber's blood clot was likely caused by taking birth control pills recently

Blood clots can be caused by hormonal birth control, but the risks are small.

Blood clots develop in about 10 women in 10,000 every year.

Health experts say pregnancy increases the risk of blood clots more than hormonal birth control.

The Biebers plan to make a baby 'in the next couple of years'

“All of the doctors felt the blood clot was the result of a perfect storm," she recounted.

In her latest blog post, Justine Bieber thanks her doctors.

I just feel really relieved that this case is closed, and that I can move on and live my life

In the video, Bieber said, "If there's anyone watching who's been through something similar to this

I completely empathize with you and I understand how life-altering it can be."